I am a lot of things, but first, I'm a mom that deeply values the power of helping a child fall in love with learning. I am also a small business owner, an experienced corporate executive and advisor, and a believer in challenging what has been with what is possible. 

As a resident of San Mateo County since 1988, I've been fortunate to have access to high-quality public education from passionate and talented educators that have been a part of their community for years. This is what I am working for - for all of our children.

My parents decided on San Mateo County to raise my sister and me, and I'm so grateful that they did. My husband and I met in middle school, and many of my dearest friends are from my early childhood. Tom and I moved to San Mateo in 2012 to start and raise our family. Our 6-year-old son is a first-grader in the district and our other children are a 4-year old rescue dog and a 10-year old rescue cat whom I'm pretty sure love each other.

As a family, we love filling our home with laughter, adventure, experiments, and learning. At the time of writing this, we have caterpillars pupating in our kitchen that in a week will become butterflies, an avocado seed about to grow its first leaf, and a painting that my son and I are progressively working on. 

I believe that learning happens everywhere for children, and it takes a community to support it. We are all busy, I know. But, I also know that we must come together to build community, help our quality staff to stay working in our district, and ensure we are holding ourselves and each other accountable so we can best prepare all of our children for the incredible adventures that lie ahead for them. I hope you join me in bringing this mission to life. 

As your Board Trustee, I commit to:

  • Ensuring we have meaningful funding and effective programs to improve equity & inclusion and the opportunity gap in our district

  • Supporting the development of a comprehensive program that understands why educators & staff leave, works to close those gaps, and helps our educators live near the communities which they serve

  • Ensuring safe and healthy school environments as we work with our cities and neighbors to plan for the effects of development a& growth in our communities
  • Approaching the challenges we face through the lens of a healthy, transparent, and balanced budget - always


Our district is incredibly unique in that we offer so many wonderful learning options for our families. But we have opportunities to improve as well, from improving student outcomes to increasing equitable access to services to closing the opportunity gap to identifying funding sources for needed facilities updates. Addressing all of this will take leading with vision, deep collaboration, and an ability to step into complex situations and drive towards positive outcomes. I am so excited to take my experience of doing this in the business world for years and serve our children.

I am:

  • A working mom: I deeply understand the challenges working parents face in the Bay Area.

  • An experienced, values-driven leader: I have spent 18 years building, growing, leading, and coaching teams and companies through complex challenges. I've held roles of Chief Customer Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Human Resources, and I have founded my own companies. Today, I help companies optimize spend and build strategies for growth. I will get the most out of every dollar for our kids.

  • A community advocate: I was appointed by San Mateo County Board Supervisors to the Housing & Community Development and Emergency Medical Care Committees to support affordable housing program funding allocation and safe, equitable, and fast access to emergency medical services. As well, I have served for two years on our school's PTA executive board, am a supporter of art programming and have spent countless hours painting murals and mentoring children to build a love of art, and am a volunteer fundraiser for causes I support in our community. To support a second effort to close our district’s budget gaps at the polls, I was one of the feet on the ground knocking on doors, leaving over 1,000 door hangers on physical doors and talked to hundreds of San Mateo and Foster City residents in person and on the phone about where the parcel tax funds would really go, what fiscal oversight was proposed, and what programs were at risk should Measure V fail to pass. Thankfully, the collective efforts of many who actively knocked on doors and made calls were able to successfully pass Measure V, and I am proud to have played a part in its success.

  • A career retention strategist: My area of expertise is understanding why customers and employees leave organizations and how to turn it around. I've also led company and culture branding programs, and believe in the power of clear, concise, and intentional communications in order to build relationships and bring the community together.

  • A proud product of our local public schools: My experience attending school in the Millbrae School District, San Mateo Unified High School District, and the University of California at Berkeley has left a powerful impression with me on what is possible for public education - and I am passionate about the promise of a great public education for all in our district.

I bring unique and necessary business, strategy, communications & marketing, negotiation, finance, and cross-collaboration skills as our school district both faces new challenges and seeks to address old challenges in new ways. Our family will be a part of this school district for many years to come, and I am committed to giving my everything to all of our children.  Thank you for your consideration in this very important decision. It would be my honor to serve your family and our district.


If you would like to reach out for any reason, please send me a note at  I would love to hear from you!

With Regards,


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